30 Day Big Squat Challenge

Anthony Cola
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This is a no-nonsense 4 day a week squat improvement program that will completely overhaul your squat form and strength in 30 days! The Big Squat Challenge is scientifically verified but simple to follow and just get's results like nothing I've ever seen in my 20 years in the fitness industry.  I've had clients gain up to over 40 lbs on their squat and others who were able to do a proper squat for the first time in their life.  Coach Cola is all about your results!

- Full 4 week workout plan designed by certified expert personal trainer Coach Cola.

- Continued support from Coach Cola and his team of certified personal trainers

- Opportunity to participate in Coach Cola’s on-line one-on-one coaching service

“Coach Cola” the Fitness Guru is a 20 year veteran of the fitness industry. His experience as a division-1 college football player, army special forces veteran, and nationally certified personal trainer/Kinesiologist, exposed him to numerous training methods and types of clients. Coach Cola specializes in training for functional strength, mobility, and rapid fat loss strategies.

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